An extra ordinary suspense-crime thriller with a fusion of politics, crime, corruption, mid-life crisis, and conspiracies which will surely encourage you to its deepest extremes! I selected this book out of curiosity, “The Jeera Packer”, the name caught my attention and I was deeply satisfied with my selection. This is a must read book with intense feelings with all the essence of a Bollywood crime thriller movie.

This intriguing novel is about a middle aged assassin who has retired from his engaging life to lead a normal life with his loving wife and their son. The novel is based on politics in Uttar Pradesh. The beautiful writing style and the way of telling the story from different perspectives make this book really entertaining and engrossing.

The story really starts when the past starts to have an influence on the main lead’s present life. He was a sharp shooter in his early days and has miraculously escaped unscathed from his terrific youthful days and is now running a grocery store peacefully. But as expected the unforgettable past revisits him and makes him aware that the peace and serenity he obtained from his twenty years of mundane life is not just enough for him. As he realises that the silent, dull life is eating away his life, he plans to run back to his thrilling past events at any cost and here, the story really begins.

All the characters in this story are entirely different personally and professionally from each other and yet the author has successfully managed to maintain a hidden connection between all of them. The characters are portrayed realistically without any over dramatisation. Each and every character is peculiar in their own way- Lal mani, Dada, Ventilator Baba, Abdul and the female leads Jaya and Madhurima leaves an impression and remains in our heart for a while even after reading.

The hero realises that the only thing that will make him always happy is his previous job-shooting and none other than this can make him active and fully alive. He finally conspires to kill the chief minister to drift back into his hunting days. But the author clearly specifies that he only longs for the blood of evil people. Killing someone who has no conscience is indeed a good thing I can do in my middle age- he assures himself. Thus he selects chief minister for his mission who is extremely selfish, ruthless and has killed numerous people for his own benefits.

Will he be able to complete his mission? And if he successfully accomplishes his mission will he be able to confront the consequences without ruining his present peaceful family life? Read this suspenseful tale to get your answers. The whole dialogues in the novel are extremely terrific and mind-blowing. The Hindi-English mixed dialogues will make you thoroughly engaged throughout the entire book. This novel is definitely haunting and will make you look at your life from different perspectives. I will say that the author Prashant Yadav has been successful at his first attempt and will definitely establish his own place in the suspense thriller writer’s category.

FullReview Rating:7/10

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